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“Mommy & Me” Styles Are Gaining Popularity

Just as Heidi Klum had the contestants of Project Runway create a coordinating “Mommy & Me” outfit, the mother-daughter style has recently swept the country and will probably grow even further come the Fall fashion season. The question that everyone seems to ask is this: Should it be done? Is it sweet or tacky? And how do you pull if off?

My take on the Mommy & Me trend is that it’s cute up until you start wearing your own hair in pigtails.  I think the trend is sweet but shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Choosing clothes that have very subtle similarities — such as having the same print on mom’s blouse and the daughter’s dress, or wearing matching necklaces — go a long way and are appropriate. I would suggest that mom-daughter duos stay away from the eerie American Doll-like outfit, with bonnet, petticoat and the whole nine yards. Um, ew. We are modern, stylish women, not matronly mommies who are stuck in the 19th century. The key is to have mom look like, well, an adult!

One campany who gets it right is Mama Om (seen below) . They feature cute, organic tracksuits, swimwear, dresses, tees and accessories. It’s a nice mix of whimsical colors that look fresh and fun, but mom still looks sophisticated. Their swimsuits are very chic and can work for any mom-daughter duo. And even if you don’t have a little one (like me!), it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy one of the comfy olive-colored tracksuits or a flirty purple dress.

In the celebrity world, the stars turn to Inca (below left), a line of resort wear and fabulous swimwear, based out of Miami (where else!?). Celeb fans include Denise Richards, Kourtney Kardashian, Kelly Ripa and Carmen Electra. The luxury brand features cute matching tunics for mother and daughter, but trust me, it doesn’t look cheap and kitschy. The line is fabulously well-made and wildly chic, for big and little girls alike.

Another cute mommy and me clothing line is Myah and Me (above right). The cute tees and aprons are very tongue-in-cheek and work for everyone, every day. Tori Spelling and other celebs are among their fans. One of my favorites is the the little tee that says, “I got it from my mommy,” presumably based off the song line “Baby, where’d you get that body from? I got it from my mama.” But we could argue it’s the answer to this question: “Baby, where’d you get your style from? I got it from my mama!”

And by way of accessories and trinkets, look no further than Stella & Dot jewelry. The new Little Girls jewelry line features similar styles for both mother and daughter. Try a matching coral necklace with ivory flower detail or matching flower rings. Or put on that classic pearl necklace and let your daughter wear the faux variety (shown below).


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