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A Company by Any Other Name…

Many people look confused when they first learn about Stella & Dot. “Hmmm, that’s an interesting name.” Their noses crinkle up, they look up at the ceiling and they touch their chins as if to contemplate those two bizarre words — Stella and Dot. Why on Earth would a company call themselves this? I’ve explained it many times to customers, friends and family, but I think it’s better to hear the reason straight from the fabulous women who founded and built this very company from the ground up:

Why Stella & Dot?
“Named after our grandmothers, Stella & Dot honors the generation of women who sailed across oceans, went to work, raised children, got the vote, baked pies, and did it all with style and grace. They are proof of just how much a woman can accomplish in a lifetime, and now, it’s our turn. We are a company inspired-by and created-for strong women like you.” — Jessica Herrin, Founder and President, and Blythe Harris, CCO and Co-Founder of Stella & Dot.  

Stella & Dot - The Company For You

So, there you have it. A company with integrity, passion and purpose behind its name, Stella & Dot brings to life the nostalgia of the mid-century American dream, when the days were sweet and the nights humble. A time when you hitched a ride to the corner drugstore, your momma’s home-cooking filled your family’s bellies, and y’all ate that home-cooking around that thing you call a dinner table. Yes, it’s reminiscent of the decade when feminity peaked in fashion and the women sold powders and lotions door-to-door.

But who’s to say that part of history is, well, history? Home parties, one-on-one selling and feminine fashions are coming around again… and Stella & Dot is leading the way.

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